For more than a century three main insulation technologies have been developed and were successful: Glass, Porcelain and Polymer Composite Material. Although, Unlike the other components of a transmission line, the check d the isolation condition in columns, chains and equipment was always hard task. Traditional methods of evaluation of isolators with infrared cameras and ultraviolet are based on detecting problems through the effects caused by leakage currents, which only occur when the insulation is already sufficiently committed , in addition to requiring qualified personnel d and high ass this, and inaccuracies due The interference from sunlight, heat, wind and humidity. How the solution definitive for the good evaluation of the state of chains , columns of insulators and equipment , TEXPI brings to the Brazilian market the AND - FIELD SCANNER ID POSITRON, that checks the condition dog of isolation through measurement of the distribution of the electric field from the energized end to the grounded end. This measurement translates graphically on a curve of electric field strength x insulator height, allowing direct comparison with the curve of an insulator in perfect condition (E - FIELD ID) , allowed the clear identification of fault(s) and The it needs location of these) . in figures ab oh you can - to observe how intuitive the interpretation of the curves is obtained from healthy insulator strings vs bad insulator strings:

And E-FIELD ID SCANNER POSITRON have versions available for glass and porcelain insulators, composite insulators and substation columns. In addition to being an indispensable equipment for the good management of the active “insulator strings/columns” of transmission lines and power substations, the POSITRON insulator tester is also essential as safety equipment for live line work: The E-FIELD ID SCANNER POSITRON allows live line personnel, before intervening in a certain part of the installation that needs repairs, to test the insulators in this region to ensure that they do not have failures in their isolation that could be put the lives of professional at risk.

We at TEXPI Equipamentos have been supplying high quality insulators for more than 10 years for the most important substations, energy works and transmission lines in Brazil and the world with excellent history of performance, reliability, durability and after-sales service.

Make your inquiry with us! We work with all technologies in insulators: glazed porcelain, toughened glass and composites (HTV silicone rubber with fiberglass core). We are committed to serving our customers with excellence.

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